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Label: Walsingham Classics

Cat. No.: 3WAL80432

Medium: CD

No. Discs: 3


This 3 CD set is without parallel.

For the first time, 33 great keyboard composers are shown in chronological perspective.

The journey offers insights and delights; it is also an interpretative tour de force, each composer's style and character successively presented.

Tessa Birnie has been variously described as the marathon woman of the keyboard - unique in her genre - the world's leading authority on Schubert.

Few pianists in world history can equal her achievements. Her mammoth recital projects include performing the 450 piano works of Schubert and the complete keyboard works of Joseph Haydn, which include 54 sonatas.

Then there is her fantastic Concert Conspectus of keyboard music, covering every major development since the first known piece of 1320 - a 65-composer series.


Artists: Tessa Birnie (piano).
Composers: CPE Bach, JS Bach, Bartok, Beethoven, Benda, Brahms, Byrd, Chambonnieres, Chopin, Clementi, Couperin, Debussy, Farnaby, Faure, Field, Granadas, Grieg, Handel, Haydn, Liszt, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Rachmaninov, Rameau, Ravel, Satie, Scarlatti, Schubert, Schumann, Scriabin, Seixas, Soler, Telemann.
Tracks: DISC 1
  1. BYRD Pavana The Earle of Salisbury
  2. FARNABY Tell mee, Daphne
  3. CHAMBONNIERES Sarabande in F
  4. F.COUPERIN Les Graces-Natureles
  5. TELEMANN Aria in G
  6. RAMEAU Tambourin
  7. HANDEL Air & Variations (Harmonious Blacksmith)
  8. SCARLATTI Sonata in G K.2
  9. J S BACH Sarabande (Fr. Suite No. 1, S. 812)
  10. SEIXAS Sonata in A minor
  11. C P E BACH Rondo in A W. 58
  12. G BENDA Sonata in F -lst mt: Allegro moderato
  13. 2nd mt: Andante con tenerezza
  14. 3rd mt: Allegro
  15. SOLER Sonata in A minor
  16. HAYDN Sonata in Eb Hob.XV1:38 -lst mt: Allegro moderato
  17. 2nd mt: Adagio
  18. 3rd mt: Allegro
  1. CLEMENTI Adagio Sostenuto (Suite de 4 Pieces)
  2. MOZART Rondo in D K.485
  3. Menuett in D K.355 (576b)
  4. BEETHOVEN Sonata in D Op. 10 No.3-lst mt:Presto
  5. -2nd mt:Largo e mesto
  6. -3rd mt:Menuetto & Trio
  7. -4th mt:Allegro
  8. FIELD Nocturne in D minor
  9. SCHUBERT Impromptu in Gb D.899
  10. 18 Dances (arr.Birnie)
  11. MENDELSSOHN Songs Without Words- C minor Op. 38 No.2
  12. A major Op.19b No.3
  1. CHOPIN Polonaise in C minor Op.40 No.2
  2. SCHUMANN Arabeske Op.18
  3. Stucklein Op.99 No.1
  4. LISZT Il Pensieroso
  5. BRAHMS Rhapsodie in B minor Op.79 No.1
  6. GRIEG Arietta Op.12 No.1
  7. FAURE Fantasia in Ab Op.84 No.2
  8. DEBUSSY Et la lune descend sur le temple qui fut
  9. La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin
  10. SATIE Gymnopedie No.1
  11. GRANADOS Danza Espanola No.5 in E minor
  12. SCRIABIN Etude in F# major Op.42 No.4
  13. RACHMANINOV Prelude in G# minor Op.32 No.12
  14. RAVEL Sonatine - lst mt: Modere
  15. - 2nd mt: Mouvt. de Menuet
  16. 3rd mt: Anime
  17. BARTOK No.1 from 3 Rondos on Folk Tunes
Medium: CD
No. of Discs: 3
Label: Walsingham Classics
Catalog #: 3WAL80432

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