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From the earliest years of the Recording Industry, Australian artists have made their mark upon the world market. Nellie Melba, Percy Grainger, Peter Dawson, Malcolm McEachern and Florence Austral were amongst the earliest Australians to make an impact in the recording studio, as were Music Hall artists such as Florrie Ford and Billy Williams.

Over the years Australia has continued to provide the World with first class artists in all sectors of the Performing Arts. Today there are many noted Australian artists living around the world, giving of their best and continuing this long tradition.

Given the extraordinarily rich legacy, it seems quite astonishing that Australia has not had its own Recording Company producing primarily for the world market. Our greatest artists have mostly made their recordings on foreign soil with foreign associates and foreign orchestras. The result of this is that, whilst the world at large has recognised Australian talent, it has been isolated from the rich musical life that Australians enjoy. International audiences have been unaware of the significant achievements of many fine Australian Artists simply because there existed no Australian Record Company to take their talents to the world.

In 1992, with the launch of WALSINGHAM CLASSICS, a major step was made towards correcting this state of affairs. The main purpose of WALSINGHAM CLASSICS was to record Australia’s top Classical talent, professionally package it, and export it to the world. In the past eighteen years the venture has been an outstanding success. We have been delighted with the response from many favourable reviews from around the world and the hundreds of complimentary letters received from members of the general public.

For some time now we have enjoyed the splendid mail-order service provided by Buywell ( We cannot recommend them more highly to you for fast, safe, reliable, and efficient service. They are truly second to none. They stock our entire current catalogue and export to the World.

We thank you for your patronage over the past eighteen years and we trust that our recordings will continue to bring you endless hours of listening pleasure.

Good listening.

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