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Label: Walsingham Classics

Cat. No.: WAL80202

Medium: CD

No. Discs: 1


This CD contains recordings made at various performances during St Mary's Cathedral Choir, Sydney's tour of Europe in 1991, which resulted in thundrous applause and high praise, with many highly-complimentary reviews such as:

"Even to highly critical ears, the special feature of St Mary's Cathedral Choir under the direction of Domkapellmeister David Russell was the almost relentless precision of their entries and vocal lines, which encompass beautifully schooled ensemble with a highly flexible tonal capability throughout their range." - Main-Post, Wurzburg.

"David Russell brought out from his choir, with minimal but expressive gestures, wonderful phrasing and dynamic subtleties."
- Nassauische Neue Presse, Limburg.

"In Mainzer Dom, these young Australians sang themselves into the hearts of the audience, as evidenced by the spontaneous and prolonged applause… Despite its very active church music life and its many noteworthy choirs, on this evening in the Cathedral, Mainz bowed to the sensitively-disciplined talents of these young Australians." - Allgemeine Zeitung, Mainz.

"David Russell directed the Missa Brevis of Palestrina with sympathetic understanding. He brought out from St Mary's Cathedral Choir the qualities which enabled them especially to meet the challenge of this composer's ringing polyphony. Without doubt, this was the high point of an evening of quality music-making." - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Frankfurt.


Artists: St Mary's Cathedral Choir, Sydney, directed by Dr David Russell; Peter Kneeshaw (organ), Paul Goodchild (trumpet).
Composers: Byrd, Charpentier, de Lalande, Dunstable, Durufle, Gabrieli, Herbeck, Josquin, Lassus, Monteverdi, Moreau, Palestrina, Parsons, Poston, Tallis.
Tracks: CHARPENTIER: Prelude to a Te Deum
ANNON: Angelus Ad Virginem
DUNSTABLE: Quam Pulchra Es
JOSQUIN: Ave Maria
BYRD: Beata Es
LASSUS: Resonet in Laudibus
TALLIS: Salvator Mundi
PARSONS: Ave Maria
PALESTRINA: Gloria in Excelsis (Missa Brevis)
MONTEVERDI: Christe, Adoramus Te
GABRIELI: Jubilate Deo
de LALANDE: Super Flumina Babylonis, In Salicibus, Hymnum Cantate Nobis
MOREAU: Cantilène
DURUFLÉ: Ubi Caritas, Tota Pulchra
POSTON: Jesus Christ The Apple Tree
von HERBECK: Pueri Concinite
de LALANDE: Lauda Jerusalem Dominum.
Medium: CD
No. of Discs: 1
Label: Walsingham Classics
Catalog #: WAL80202

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